New from Magpul: M-LOK Tripod Adapter

The latest M-LOK accessory from Magpul is sure to make the day of precision shooters everywhere. The M-LOK Tripod Adapter mounts directly to any metal M-LOK compatible rail (not intended for use on polymer hand guards) and allows your rifle to attach directly to any tripod with the common Manfrotto RC2/Q2 interface without the need for a separate saddle accessory.

MAG624-M-Lok Tripod Adapter Close

Magpul has taken care to make the adapter is low profile as possible and bevel the corners so that it does not become a snag hazard when it is mounted to your rifle but not in use on a tripod. They have also built in recoil mitigation lugs to ensure that the fit doesn’t loosen with time and battering from recoil.

Check out the new M-LOK Tripod Adapter from Magpul.

MAG624-MLOK Tripod Adapter Rifle-1


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