Lone Wolf Dist Glock Firing Pin Safety

lone wolf plngerIf you want to lighten and smooth your Glock trigger a bit, one of the easiest parts to target is the firing pin safety. Generally, you can slightly reduce the firing pin safety spring weight without effecting the reliability and safety of your Glock. Savvy Glock shooters also used to modify the firing pin safety by rounding it to a dome which reduces the weight and bearing surface. This modification was often done by chucking the firing pin safety into a drill and shaping it with stones or sandpaper.

Lone Wolf Distributors’ (LWD) new firing pin safety is already dome shaped. It is a steel part that weighs 25% less than the OEM part. The reduced weight and reduced bearing surface lightens and smooths the trigger pull since the trigger bar must lift the firing pin safety during the take-up stage of the Glock’s trigger pull.

LWD sells their firing pin safety for just $3.48. At that price, it doesn’t pay to spend the time modifying your OEM part. Just buy one from LWD and keep your OEM firing pin safety as a spare.

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