New from KDG: MREX – AR MLOK Modular (AR) Rail and Kinect QD MLOK Mounts

Kinetic Development Group has announced their first accessories for a rifle other than the FN SCAR. Their new AR MLOK 11.63″ Modular (AR) Rail will be available to mount on your AR-15 some time this month or possibly next month. This MLOK compatible rail weighs 8.5 ounces and has 2 integrated QD sling swivel sockets. The rail has MLOK compatible slots at 2, 3, 6, 9, and 10 o’clock.

kdg mrex

The line of Kinect QD MLOK Mounts that KDG has announced to support their new rail may be even more interesting than the rail itself. The Kinect line is MLOK compatible and features a unique auto locking mechanism that allows tool free mounting. Kinect mounts features 2 spring loaded wedges that are automatically triggered when the mount is pushed into the mounting slot. This secures the mount and all but completely removes the possibility for human error (over tightening, improper engagement, etc). The announced line includes various lengths of 1913 rail, an offset rail, a bipod mount, a Surefire Scout compatible light mount, and a very slick offset Aimpoint Micro mount.



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