Elzetta on Candela

Elzetta released the latest video in their excellent flashlight education series…

Browse the weapon light related posts on any firearm related forum and you are sure to see someone claiming that tactical lights with a certain lumen rating are too bright for indoor use. It may be useful to generalize like this with lumens as a guide but it is not correct. Lumens are a measure of total output and they really don’t tell the whole story when it comes to what is too bright. The way those lumens are shaped plays a larger role than total output in determining what is “too bright”.

Fortunately, Dave at Elzetta has taken the time to break down a unit of measure called candela which is a measure of brightness typically applied to the brightest part of a flashlight’s beam. After you watch the video, you can use this new found knowledge along with the FL1 Standard that most reputable flashlight manufacturers provide these days to make a more educated decision on the type of light that you need for your application.


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