By now you have heard that the ATF is banning M855 ammunition. M855 is one of the most commonly available and affordable types of 5.56 ammo. Banning its sale will have far reaching effects on the price and availability of ammo for some of the most common and prolific firearms. That is by definition an infringement on your rights.

If that isn’t bad enough, the entire charade was set into motion late on a Friday night in hopes that we wouldn’t notice. The legislation that the ATF is using to justify their actions is being taken out of context of its original intent (which was poor to begin with) to reach their political ends which they have generally been allowed to do without oversight.

If you think all of this is wrong, and you should… It is time to act.

Check out It is the EASIEST resource that I have come across yet for contacting not only the ATF but those who can effect lasting change – your elected representatives.

The ATF has made up their minds. They intended to ban M855. We need to be more strategic about contacting our elected officials to put an end to the ATF’s history of operation without oversight.

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  1. Notalima February 25, 2015 at 11:20 #

    Sweet. Forwarded to all of my POTG friends. Takes about a minute. Everyone who cares about this (and if you value freedom, you should) has a minute to spare, yes?

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