Plum AR from Echo Nine Three

You know Echo Nine Three for their work with AKs but few people realize that they also know their way around the AR-15. They have made AR-15 lowers for years. Their lowers are notable for their lack of over the top markings which I appreciate. Given all that background, it should come as no surprise that they are considering offering an AR-15, the Plum AR, that pays homage to their AK roots.

e93 plum AR

The Plum AR gets its name from the custom plum color Magpul furniture and accessories that mimic the purplish hues of the famous early Russian attempt at black polymer (so the legend goes) that is so well loved by AK shooters. All of the plum components are actually custom dyed to create the effect.

The features and specs are not set in stone. In fact, Echo Nine Three is soliciting advice on how the carbine should be configured on their Facebook page. As it stands now, it is build around a 14.5″ lightweight profile barrel with a 1 in 7″ twist and mid-length gas system. The muzzle device is permanently attached. The price can not be determined until the project is finalize but E93 is promising that the quality will be excellent and the price will be competitive.

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