Kinetic Development Group

Add Kinetic Development Group (KDG) to your list of manufacturers to keep an eye on, especially if you own an FN SCAR. KDG was started by a former key executive sales and development team members of LWRC International. Interestingly, they have chosen to avoid developing accessories for the AR-15 to avoid the crowds; choosing instead to focus on the SCAR.


Their first products, or as they call them “solutions”, are the MREX Solutions (Modular Receiver Extensions). These extended handguards for the SCAR are available in two lengths (4.9″ and 6.5″) and two different attachment solutions (universal and M-LOK). There are already a host of available direct-connect accessories available for both from around the industry so these are already well supported in terms of available accessories.

Expect to see the MREX Solutions shipping near the end of January. Check out KDG on their site and Facebook page.


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