New Geissele Automatics Armorers Tools

Giessele Automatics just rolled out two new pro-grade armorer’s tools.

The first is the Reaction Block (RB). The RB is designed to aid in the assembly, dis assembly, and servicing of lower receivers. It can be clamped into a vice and holds the lower securely by the receiver extension in one of four user selectable positions. The RB basically provides a super stable third hand for the user who needs to assemble or service multiple lowers in a sitting.

geissele reaction block 1 geissele reaction block 2

The second tool is an advanced version of their excellent Reaction Rod – the Super Reaction Rod. This is how it works in Geissele Automatics’ own words:

The Super Reaction Rod was designed to fulfill the need of an advanced armorer who frequently works on AR15/M4 platforms with over torqued, seized or Loctited barrel nuts. The Super Reaction Rod works by pre-loading the barrel extension lugs to the lugs of the Super Reaction Rod to eliminate movement created by adding torque to the barrel nut while at the same time fixing the upper receiver in place. Having the barrel extension mated to the Super Reaction Rod lugs and fixing the upper receiver before torqueing will remove stress that could be placed on the index pin. This allows the armorer to place tremendous torque on the barrel nut to assist in breaking seized nuts loose. The Super Reaction Rod’s pre-loading system can also be removed to allow it to work just like a standard Reaction Rod, which allows upper work to be performed in a 360° both vertically, and horizontally.

Basically, you get all the performance of the original Reaction Rod but with the ability to fix the upper in place which is a must for high torque applications to prevent damage to the index pin or the notch that mates with it.

geissele super reaction rod 1 geissele super reaction rod 2


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