Weapon Outfitters 13.7″ TRACK Barrel

Weapon Outfitters has been a leading advocate for the 13.7″ AR-15 barrel for a long time now. Barrels of that length can be a great way to take advantage of the length of permanently attached muzzle devices like the B.E Meyers 249F or Noveske KX5. Weapon Outfitter’s latest 13.7″ barrel looks great on paper and it is worth a look for your next build.


The 13.7″ TRACK Barrel is a medium contour barrel that is constructed from 4150 Chrome Moly Vandium steel and Melonite processed for durability and corrosion resistance. It features a 1 in 7″ twist with a Wylde chamber. Wylde chambers are good to go with .223 or 5.56 spec ammo and can usually squeeze a bit more accuracy out of both. Correction: It is a 5.56 chamber.

These barrels use hybrid polygonal rifling by FJ Fedderson. Polygonal rifling usual give a bit more muzzle velocity due to a tighter gas seal and that tighter gas seal also allows Weapon Outfitters to go a bit smaller on the gas port which is a nice bonus.

Here is what Weapon Outfitters has to say about the rifling:

The patented hybrid polygonal rifling allows these barrels to use smaller than normal gas ports thanks to superior gas seals, and this method of rifling has been used to set accuracy world records.

Those are just words. They guarantee sub-MOA accuracy with quality match ammo. Check out the Weapon Outfitters 13.7″ TRACK Barrel. If you are like me, you are probably already picturing this barrel on a compact RECCEish build.


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