WTF Integrated Admin Commo Pouch

The new Integrated Admin Commo Pouch from Whiskey Two-Four packs some fresh ideas. It is a pouch designed to carry a radio and typical “admin” items. The pictures shown are of a final sample, not a production piece, so there may be changes to the design.


The integrated approach to the design of this pouch is very interesting. While the pouch may appear bulky, it actually saves space in some clever ways. The admin pocket on the front is place there to serve as a form of additional padding/protection for the radio which is mounted in the pocket behind it so the potential weight and bulk of heavy padding is not necessary. The admin pouch is also a logical place to store additional batteries for the radio. It is a marriage of function that makes solid sense.

The laser cut Hypalon ports found on this pouch are also extremely interesting and could see wide ranging application beyond just this pouch. One application that has already been mentioned is as a non-metallic grommet replacement for pouch drainage.

It will be interesting to see how these ideas can be built on and applied in new ways. Stay tuned for news about a group who is already trying to do just that.


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