Tactical Handyman: Tactical Timezone Clock

I recently moved 3 timezones away from most of my family and my physical workplace. It is nice to be able to tell what time it is at a glance so I don’t rouse people from bed with a text message about my latest high score in Frogger. I started looking for a timezone clock and all the options that I found were decidedly untactical. Sure, I could just look at my tactical watch and do the tactical math but the Tactical Handyman isn’t about to let an opportunity to make something more tactical than it needs to be.

tactical freakin timezone clock


  • Velcro Patch Panel or any other hook Velcro surface – I use the panels from OC Tactical.
  • Timezone or city marked nametapes – I generally go to MilitaryNames.com because they make it super easy to create any color combo I need, they ship fast, and the tapes are solid.
  • “Automotive” LCD Clocks – These are usually small, inexpensive clocks that are meant to be stuck on a car dashboard. They work well for this because they are very lightweight. You will need one for each timezone you plan to display.
  • Adhesive backed hook Velcro – The scratchy side. If you are not sure if you have the hook side, you can do the following simple test. Drag the Velcro across the surface of your cornea. If it hurts, you have the loop side. If it completely removes the cornea and renders you blind, you have the hook side.
  • Scissors – According to the Department of Homeland Security, scissors are a more convenient option than a gun for defending against active shooters in the workplace. They are also useful for cutting Velcro. Just make sure you never run with them.
  • An unquenchable desire to make things more complicated (and tactical) than they have to be – Trust me. This helps. Otherwise you would just buy a cheap timezone clock and be done with it.


If you can’t look at the above picture and figure out how to make this you’re probably also blind from dragging Velcro across your corneas. I’ll write instructions anyway but you can tell your friends you totally didn’t have to read them.

I am going to assume that you already have your nametapes in hand. I went with “LOCAL” for local time and “EST” for Eastern Standard Time – the timezone that most of my family and work interactions revolve around. I am also going to assume that your patch panel is already on the wall.

1. Decipher the poor English that you are likely to encounter in your clock’s instruction book so that you can learn how to set the time to correspond to the timezone you wish to display.

2. Cut a small piece of adhesive backed hook Velcro with the scissors for each clock that you plan to display. They only need be 1-2 square inches in size due to the light weight of the clocks.

Note: Make sure your mommy says it’s okay to use the scissors!

3. Peel the backing off the Velcro pieces. If you don’t, step 4 is more difficult.

4. Stick the Velcro to the back of the clocks.

Caution: Don’t cover the battery compartment with the Velcro. The fact that I even have to type this is an indictment of our schools.

5. Stick the clocks and nametapes to your patch panel and admire your handywork.

Note: It would probably be smart to pencil in a little time for the lady in your life. She is probably impressed with your work…

If you have any difficulties, feel free to call or email anyone but me to ask questions. Now go make your own!

3 Responses to Tactical Handyman: Tactical Timezone Clock

  1. Davíd December 29, 2014 at 10:00 #

    “Drag the Velcro across the surface of your cornea.” LOL! Made my day.

  2. Ju Con December 29, 2014 at 14:31 #

    Who’re them folks at the Department of Homeland Defense? Whazzat?

  3. Zach December 29, 2014 at 17:36 #

    I need to do the same here so I don’t bug you at an untimely hour 🙂 miss you brother!

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