SIONICS Weapons Systems Dissipator Barrels

AR-15 shooters who like Dissipator configurations will tell you that finding an off-the-shelf Dissipator barrel of good quality can be very difficult. However, that will only be the case for a few hours longer. SIONICS Weapons Systems will release their Dissipator barrels this afternoon.

sionics dissipator

The barrel will feature everything you have come to expect from SIONICS barrels. The 16″ long, 11595E CMV 4150 Steel barrel will have a versatile 1 in 8″ twist. It will be chrome lined and have M4 feed ramps. The low-profile gas block is pinned in the mid-length gas position.

Merry Christmas Dissipator fans. Check out the new barrel at SIONICS (it won’t show up until sometime this afternoon).


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