Robar PolymAR-15

Robar is developing an AR-15 with a polymer upper and lower receiver called the PolymAR-15. The fact that Robar is putting their name on a polymer upper receiver is interesting. I know of at least one polymer lower with a good track record but no polymer uppers with a solid reputation. However, I am willing to give a company like Robar some attention and if they can make it work it will be big news.

They claim to have a prototype that has shot over 45,000 rounds without cleaning or lubrication. As you might expect, the PolyAR-15 makes use of Robar’s NP3 coating which is self lubricating. Everything in the firearm is treated with a Robar finish of some kind. They are also claiming sub-MOA accuracy and a weight around 5 pounds.

It will be interesting to see the price point. Typically polymer has been used in AR-15s to reduce the cost but it is hard to imagine that a Robar firearm will be inexpensive.

In the video below, they also reveal that they are working on a polymer fore-end. I can only assume that because drop-in polymer hand guards already exist and the context of the video that they are referring to a polymer free-float rail which would definitely be unique and interesting.

I for one will be anxiously waiting to see if Robar can pull this off or if this is the second coming of the Carbon-15.

One Response to Robar PolymAR-15

  1. nickpacific October 29, 2014 at 04:13 #

    Go to 1:09, you’ll see the trigger and hammer pins are reinforced. I’d like to know about a few other areas. Such as the receiver extension threads, or just that whole area.

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