Don’t Expect a Magpul Arm Brace Any Time Soon

Magpul has an established track record with buttstocks for the AR-15 so it is pretty easy to imagine that they could come up with a killer version of the pistol arm braces that are so popular right now. It is fine to let your imagination run wild with that idea for a bit but don’t hold your breath waiting for Magpul to drop a brace into the marketplace.


The following is a quote on M4C from Magpuls Director of Product Management and Marketing, Duane Liptak Jr.:

More braces and more opinion requests might just hasten an end to this whole market through an opinion reversal, which isn’t good for anyone, so we’ll likely steer clear of any products in this vein. I would prefer to see the ATF realize that this whole SBR thing is silly, as pointed out by the arm brace opinion, so that short barrels are no longer a determinant of NFA status. With all the more strict gun control in many, less free nations around the world, I’m not aware of anyone else that sees barrel length as something that needs to be controlled. It’s silly.

Kudos to Magpul for taking a sensible approach.


2 Responses to Don’t Expect a Magpul Arm Brace Any Time Soon

  1. KestrelBike September 16, 2014 at 13:17 #

    Fair enough. On the other hand, if the gov/atf haven’t jumped out and freely said “Hey you know what, barrel length doesn’t matter! SBR’s for *everyyyonnnee!!*” by now, then they’re not going to. It’s going to take legal action, and it can only help if there are a large amount of these Pistol-Braces out on the market for the courts to look at and realize “Hey gee, these things have been out for awhile now and in large numbers, and there’s no surge of blood running through the streets. Seems legit, no more SBR NFA rules.” They’re not going to say that if proponents of SBRs can only point out a few thousand guns on the market with braces, that’s not a large enough number. If gun manufacturers can put more braces out into the general public and increase exposure, it will only help.

    So, I wish magpul would jump on this and put out a good product for everyone to scoop up. Open-carrying EBR’s in chipotle is a stunt that few think is a good idea, but legal commerce does volumes for our rights.

  2. john doestky September 17, 2014 at 09:20 #

    The first couple lines sounds like sour-grapes and peeved that they can’t figure a way around the patent. A lot of insiders snickered at Siig when they released the brace. Siig is laughing all the way to the bank.

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