Rifle Dynamics RD710P, 7.62×39 AK Pistol

Prepare your drool napkin. Rifle Dynamics (RD) just introduced their take on the AK Pistol, the RD710P.

This 7.62×39 chambered AK pistol is made in RD’s shop from surplus parts on a USA made, NDS receiver. It features RD’s well known Venom Gas Block/FSB combo, a Melonite processed barrel, Ultimak Rail, US Palm Grip, PWS FSC 47 muzzle device, G-2 trigger group, and the excellent Fuller modified rear sight.

This thing is practically screaming for an SB47 Arm Brace and an Aimpoint Micro!

Contact Rifle Dynamics for more information.

Rifle Dynamics RD710P 1 Rifle Dynamics RD710P 2

One Response to Rifle Dynamics RD710P, 7.62×39 AK Pistol

  1. john Doesky August 16, 2014 at 17:34 #

    much prefer round that was designed for a pistol and likes suppressors….9mm or 300BO

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