What is EraThr3?

What is EraThr3? It’s a life style brand. It’s a group of heavy hitters. It’s something you will want to keep your eye on.

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From EraThr3:

“I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not Fight Club. It may seem like we’ve trying to keep things a secret but we’re not. EraThr3 [pronounced Era Three] is a lifestyle with a company wrapped around it. It’s not a company with a lifestyle.” Sheri Johnson, EraThr3 COOO

How do you label EraThr3 in just one word? Easy. All you have to do is pick one. Cars, blades, gear, good booze, better tattoos, glory, resolve, off-roading, scandalous women, badassery.

It won’t be an accurate label unless you all of them and no matter what it will be incomplete, but you gotta start somewhere.

EraThr3’s leadership could be called heretical. It begins with Sheri Johnson, former General Manager of Noveske Rifleworks, hot tattooed chick now Chief Obnoxious Operating Officer (COOO); Sterling Becklin, previously President of Noveske Rifleworks, current President of ECS Case and long time outdoors aficionado turned EraThr3 Presidente; and Jason Hulst of Hulst Customs, custom car builder and HRDM (hot rod design maestro). These three possess an alarming range of talents and serious commitment. Design, fabrication, knowledge of the firearms-tactical-military industry, badass interpersonal skills and sheer lack of fear.

Johnson says, “The first question we get asked is, are you building firearms? The short answer is, maybe. Maybe at some point. They may be part of the journey but they’re not the entirety of the destination. We want to stay in the firearms industry, we love it, but we won’t be taking the usual path. We love to shoot and we train a lot but we’re not door kickers and we won’t be confined by the traditional ‘tactical’ world. EraThr3 is the embodiment of a more urban approach. We geared toward an overall lifestyle that includes—but is not centered on—firearms.”

EraThr3 will begin with a focus on accessories, some apparel, knives, packs and gear—we have a lot of radical gear planned, but none of it will be designed inside SOF or door kicker constraints. We will bridge the gap between the tactical world and people who love what we love, giving us the best of both worlds. We want to see our kit at the range, on the summit, on the streets.

Firearms part of the journey not destination

EraThr3 has broad range of products is in the final stages of development now with several piece undergoing rigorous (if unorthodox) testing now. We will launch officially in October.

“We’re back in the garage again,” Johnson continues. “Just a little startup company, doing what we love and loving what we do. It’s awesome.”

Though all of the EraThr3 triarchy come from powerful positions in large companies, we reject the standard ‘stuff shirt CEO’ paradigm. We find nothing wrong with having a good glass of whisky in the middle of the day and returning to work after sobering up and we absolutely plan on partnering and doing awesome projects with cool people.

We’re not going to settle – you shouldn’t either.

Here’s to the future!


If you want to know more, you can find EraTh3 on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Erathr3

Feel free to hit Sheri up for a more thorough explanation (or if you want to go cliff-diving) at sheri@erathr3.com. Follow us on Instagram, #EraThr3.

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2 Responses to What is EraThr3?

  1. Patrick August 9, 2014 at 18:55 #

    It kind of seems like they are trying a bit too hard.

    Also, their COOO should try hiring some type of BAPR (Bad-Ass Proof Reader), as that press release it filled with grammatical errors.

  2. ensitue August 10, 2014 at 14:16 #

    Assuming this is not the work of The Onion
    as a former outdoor type writer I’ve been exposed to a lot of Marketing Generated Content purporting to be the “Next Wave Social/Retail Movement”, that was before CGI allowed anyone to drop in scavenged imagery and cheap silk screened T-shirts shown on a web release were considered serious marketing efforts.
    I seriously do not recall a more mis-targeted, mal-conceived, non-fathomable, nitch approach to selling a non-existent product/service.
    I am expecting that their next release will feature an M-249 mounted to the mast of a wind surf board, piloted by a transgendered pit bull

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