TwistRate – Firearm Friendly Crowdfunding Platform

twistrate lofo

I know of several organizations who have attempted crowdfunding campaigns only to be hampered or completely shutdown by the sometimes nebulous rules surrounding firearms and related items on the well known crowdfunding engines. Now there is a firearm friendly alternative in TwistRate.

TwistRate works like any other crowdfunding operation. Someone has an idea. They lay out its features and benefits in a campaign on TwistRate. Everyday folks like you and me decide if the idea is worth our hard earned cash and usually receive perks for backing the idea. It’s a simple concept that you are likely already familiar with.

Everyone wants to cheer when a company like this is started but now it is up to you to make sure it sticks around. If you think it is important to have a crowdfunding engine that shares your values on firearms, you need to actually visit and support the site. Check out TwistRate!

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