NATO Strap Co.

I like watches and I like NATO style straps – especially the 5 ring ZULU style straps. I have used straps from a variety of places but those with the best quality and selection have come from NATO Strap Co. They offer straps with 2 different weaves of nylon webbing – a heavier one which I prefer and a medium weave that is bit softer for you delicate types. The heavier weave nylon seems to show less fraying on the adjustment holes over time which is nice because that is where many of the cheaper straps fail.

You have to be a little wary when buying straps like this because the market is full of counterfeits and junk. I am just glad to have a good source for them with affordable prices, free shipping, and an ever changing array of options.

Check out NATO Strap Co.

The_Black_Ops_II_5-Ring_Zulu_with_PVD_Hardware_1024x1024 The_Infantry_5-Ring_Zulu_with_PVD_Hardware_1024x1024 The_Inmate_5-Ring_Zulu_with_PVD_Hardware_1024x1024

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