E93 V3/SB

Echo Nine Three’s V3/SB, a sling plate designed for use with the SB-47 Stabilizing Brace, is now available! It is completely ambidextrous, attached to existing holes with the provided screws, and is made from Melonite processed steel. If you have an AK pistol equipped with an SB-47 and need a rear sling point for use with a 1 or 2 point sling, look no further.

e93 sb-47

In other interesting news, E93 is playing with an interesting discreet carry concept. They are developing a custom cut foam insert that could be used to adapt any guitar case into a discreet rifle carrier. E93 is undecided as to whether these will go into production but it was just too cool not to share.

e93 guitar insert


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