Review: V7 Weapons Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist

Uppers with no forward assist have become popular with those who are trying to trim weight from their favorite AR-15 and yet, I can’t bring myself to go without one. I can already hear you telling me why I don’t need a forward assist. I know why I don’t need one and probably even shouldn’t use it in certain situations and yet, I still think it is nice to have. So, what is a guy like me who wants to save weight but not get rid of the forward assist all together to do? You check out the V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist.

V7 Weapon Systems Forward Assist 3


The V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist looks like a typical forward assist at a glance. The biggest difference is that V7, as they tend to do, replaces as many of the forward assist’s steel components with hard coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum as possible. In fact, the only steel left is in the small hinged tooth that actually engages the BCG. This part is hardened 4140 steel.

The result is a forward assist that weighs just 9.2 grams compared to 22 grams for a standard forward assist.

V7 Weapon Systems Forward Assist2

Observations from Use

You could save a lot more weight by just swapping your upper with a slick-sided upper but, if you just can’t let go of your forward assist, then the The V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist can shed some weight. It won’t save much weight but, when used in conjunction with other weight saving measures, it can be part of an overall weight reduction strategy.

There isn’t much to report about how the Ultra-Light Forward Assist functions. It works like a forward assist should. That is a good thing.

As far as any concern with replacing steel parts with aluminum, I would say it is a complete non-issue. I typically only use the forward assist in an administrative way which is to say I use it to follow up a press check. This isn’t exactly going to put a lot of stress on the part and it is hard to imagine what you could do with a forward assist that would really stress it. The Ultra-Light Forward Assist is made of steel in the one place that it needs to be which is where it engages the BCG.

I should also mention that, in terms of fit and finish, the Ultra-Light Forward Assist is excellent which I have come to expect from V7 Weapon Systems.

V7 Weapon Systems Forward Assist 1

Wrap Up

If you are on a quest to shave excess weight from your carbine down to the last gram and you just can’t live without a forward assist, the Ultra-Light Forward Assist is for you.

Check out the Ultra-Light Forward Assist at V7 Weapon Systems.

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