US PALM Battle Belt Dropper

The new Battle Belt Dropper from US PALM just might solve a problem for you. The concept is simple. It is a panel that is covered in MOLLE webbing and provides a short, 3 column wide, dropped section of MOLLE webbing. Since it is covered in MOLLE webbing, you can still attach pouches to it as you would your battle belt, but the dropped section provides an ideal place for mounting a dump pouch.

US Palm Battle Belt Dropper

The knee jerk reaction here is to say if you need something like this, you have too much gear on your belt. However, that is not the only reason to consider something like this. There are times that you may want multiple items to occupy roughly the same space on your belt. For instance, you may want your dump pouch on the same side and very near where your rifle mags are carried. The Battle Belt Dropper would give you the flexibility to mount both on the same belt real estate.

This could solve some problems for some users. Keep your eye on US Palm for details.

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