Battle Arms Development AR-15 Lower Receiver News

I bet the guys at Battle Arms Development (BAD) are the types that don’t like the food on their plate to touch.

BAD AR Lower Foam Single

They recently showed images of the custom containers they had manufactured to move their lowers around their shop in individual foam swaddled luxury. The new containers will ensure that the high level of fit and finish that BAD is building into these lowers isn’t ruin by careless handling. Something as simple and two lowers knocking together carelessly might blemish the lower enough for it to fail their QC checks… hence the AR-15 Ark.

BAD AR Lower Ark BAD AR Lower Foam

If they are putting this much care into just carting these things around the shop, I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

These lowers should be available soon. In the mean time, check out Battle Arms Development.

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