The MOAT Group Carbine Standards Drill and Target

The MOAT Group recently shared their Carbine Standards Drill and printable target via their website and Youtube channel. This would be a great drill to add to your range sessions.

There is a lot to like about this drill. It requires only a 50 yard range yet still requires a demanding level of accuracy. The speed requirements are demanding but are attainable. The drill incorporates physical stress and the stress of shooting for time/score both of which up the level of mental focus required to complete the drill successfully. It incorporates several elements into a single drill like adjusting for mechanical offset, shifting natural point of aim, various shooting positions, precision, speed, recoil control, breath control, and more.

The target has space to record vital information like time, hits, conditions, and date which make it easy to have a repeatable process when you hit the range. You aren’t really learning as much as you could be unless you are documenting your progress in some way.

One quick word of caution regarding diagnostic drills like this… They are best run when you first arrive on the range with no warm up. Your cold performance will give you the best gauge of your actual on-demand skill level. If you run the drill over and over, your performance will improve but that will only prove mastery of the drill, not mastery of the skills. Don’t get caught in the trap of training to the drill instead of the skill.

This is a well designed drill that should be very easy to incorporate into a range session. Check out the target at The MOAT Group’s website and the video on their YouTube channel.

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