Pineland Oppression Awareness Shirt at RE Factor Tactical

The poor, poor people of Pineland, will their oppression never end?!?!? I don’t understand how such oppression can be allowed to continue… right under our noses! Now you can help bring attention to their plight with the limited edition Pineland T-Shirt from RE Factor Tactical.


From RE Factor Tactical:

This shirt is designed to raise awareness for the oppressed nation of Pineland. We think the oppression has gone on long enough and we are selling this t-shirt in an effort to raise public awareness. Too many people in Pineland do not have the proper representation and or liberties that should be granted to human beings. We are asking that President Obama donate one trillion Don in aid to the resistance forces of the People’s Republic of Pineland to help feed, equip, and assist guerrilla forces in their effort to overthrow the government.

Check out the shirt at RE Factor Tactical and keep the people of Pineland in your prayers.


One Response to Pineland Oppression Awareness Shirt at RE Factor Tactical

  1. 2hotel9 April 13, 2014 at 11:33 #

    I gots to get one!!!! Wonder if they will accept some of the Republic of Pineland bills I still have?

    Robin Sage. FTW!!!!!!!

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