Foxbeard Tactical Performance Basepad

The Performance Basepad from Foxbeard Tactical is an anodized aluminum drop-in replacement basepad for Magpul PMAGS with a number of interesting features.

They extend forward from the front strap of the magazine to provide a ledge that aids in manipulations. Their increased weight aids the magazine in dropping free from the magwell. The rear of the basepad is beveled in a way that provides stability when using the magazine as a monopod. It also features dimples that can be used to number magazines or mark them in a unique way to identify them as yours.

Check out the Foxbeard Tactical Performance Basepad.

Foxbeard Tactical performance basepad

One Response to Foxbeard Tactical Performance Basepad

  1. Seven April 13, 2014 at 07:56 #

    Interesting (and potentially useful) product… but at a retail-cost ($25) that’s literally MORE than the magazine you’re placing it on… the market is zilch.

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