Blue Force Gear – New Gear

Blue Force Gear has some slick new gear for you to check out!

Molded Burnsed Socket

The Molded Burnsed Socket is a polymer version of the previously reviewed Burnsed Socket (machined aluminum). It has all the same functionality as the original and allows the user to convert a 2 point sling into a single point sling on the fly.


The new Molded Burnsed Socket features a metal QD swivel socket molded into a body made from the same durable resin used in Blue Force Gear’s other polymer hardware. The plastic can be color matched to the sling (or contrasted for visibility) and is extremely durable. It also costs considerably less than the aluminum version.

Large RACKminus and SPLITminus

Blue Force Gear has also released larger versions of their excellent RACKminus and SPLITminus chest rigs. The large versions sport 16 columns of MOLLE real estate so you can carry more gear. That is 4 more columns than the original chest rigs.

Hopefully there is a small 8 column version of the RACKminus in the works!

Chestrig-1-mc-front-800x533 chestrig-2-wf-front-800x533


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