The man, the myth, the legend, the owner of an amazing, custom, Multicam Igloo Cooler – XCoastie – just rolled out a new website. Keith will be offering his various product development services (and logo patches!) via the site. If you have a product or even just an idea, he can hold your hand from idea phase, all the way to market. Check out XCoastie.com.

xcoastie site

One Response to XCoastie.com

  1. Chris Naganuma April 1, 2014 at 00:16 #

    Keith ( xcoastie) is one of those guy you want to be around and involved with. Level headed thinker and always moving forward. He has been a great friend and an ever larger influence to the industry to me. If you are looking for someone to help set you or a product you have in the right direction, Xcoastie is your go to. Also his wife and kids are pretty awesome as well :).

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