New for 2014 at UW Gear

UW Gear is making several changes to their product line for 2014 including the addition of new designs and colors. The new designs include MKIII versions of the Minuteman and Swampfox chest rigs and the latest color that will be added to the line up is OD Green. The Bandoleer will also undergo changes.

UW Gear OD Green

The new MKIII version of the Minuteman is shown in the new OD Green color option.

The MKIII version of the Minuteman will be the first addition with the Swampfox MKIII coming at a later date. The MKII versions will continue to be offered for the near future thought they will likely be discontinued at some point. The MKIII versions of these rigs will offer several improvements that will make the rigs more durable, lighter, and easier to manufacture which should help deal with UW Gear’s backlog. These improvements include a 4 magazine format, a more flexible harness, a new strap attachment method, a new flap design, and taped edges in place of the previous folded edges.

These changes are discussed in depth in the following video…

Additionally, these new MKIII rigs are intended to be part of a larger suite of gear items that they are currently developing. I am hoping that means there will be a small pack available soon to integrate with the rigs.

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One Response to New for 2014 at UW Gear

  1. TennTexan March 25, 2014 at 11:24 #

    UW Gear makes great stuff. I love my Minuteman Mk II, and it looks like I may need to order another one soon before they become extinct. The Mk III has some nice upgrades, like the taped edges and 2-inch webbing reinforcement on the flaps, but it kind of stinks that they dropped the admin pouch and one column of PALS webbing on each end.

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