AR Performance Shorty Brake

I recently covered the development and release of the Adams Arms Manimal Flash Suppressor, a muzzle device narrow enough to allow a .750″ gas block pass over it which is a useful feature for those with pinned muzzle devices. It has now come to my attention that there is also a muzzle brake option with similar functionality offered by AR Performance.


The Shorty Brake from AR Performance is not long enough to bring a 14.5″ barrel to a legal 16″ length. It is geared toward states that require pinned muzzle devices as part of their AWB legislation. As such, the Shorty Brake is actually as short as possible, adding only 5/8″ of length to the overall length of the rifle. It’s .750 outside diameter allows it to be permanently attached but still give the user the option of removing their gas block if they wish to install a new handguard.

Anything that gives ban state shooters more options is a good idea in my book. Check out the Shorty Brake at AR Performance.

One Response to AR Performance Shorty Brake

  1. SpeOpsBunny March 24, 2014 at 17:52 #

    Wish they had a 308 version

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