Oneiros Valley Mean Pad – In Stock

Oneiros Valley understands the Mystery Ranch NICE Frame like no one else. There are 2 main criticisms of the otherwise excellent frame – the short stay height and the flat back contour – and Oneiros Valley has set out to address them both. They addressed the frame height with the LLP (which I previously reviewed) and they have addressed the flat back with the Mean Pad (previously mentioned here).


The Mean Pad is an accessory lumber pad for the NICE Frame that serves a few purposes based on how it is used. For the typical hunter/hiker, it serves to add comfort and support in the lower back area. For the military user, it can serve to fill in the gap under hard armor and allow the hip belt to transfer weight to the hips for effectively.

The level of padding is adjustable. The hiker/hunter may need only a small amount of padding while the military user will likely need all the padding they can get to over come their issues with body armor.

The MEAN Pad is available in two versions. Both can be installed without permanent modifications to your NICE Frame. The Hunter version attached via ladderlocks while the Military version uses side release buckles which are slightly heavier but easier to install and uninstall.

Check out MEAN Pad at Oneiros Valley. It is in stock and ready to ship.

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