Oneiros Valley MEAN Pad

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Mystery Ranch NICE Frame. I love its flexibility, modularity and versatility, but it is shorter and flatter through the back than I prefer. Thankfully, Oneiros Valley is around to make me fall back in love with my NICE Frame with their line of ergonomic improvement add-ons.


The latest of these add-ons is the MEAN Pad. The MEAN Pad is a bulked up lumber pad that serves 3 purposes. First, it adds additional padding in the lumbar region which makes it fit the typical user’s back better. Second, it prevents the pack from sliding around via a patch of non-slip material. Finally, it can actually tuck under the ballistic plate in your carrier, providing a bit of a stand-off, to make wearing a pack with body armor more comfortable.

The MEAN Pad is adjustable for thickness via foam inserts. It is made from 500D nylon and features quality ITW Nexus hardware. I have been working with their LLP Gen 2 and OV Belt Guides for review and they are excellent so I have every reason to believe the MEAN Pad will be excellent too.

The MEAN Pad is available for pre-order now. It will ship in January.

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