Rainier Arms RUC Mod2

The Rainier Arms Urban Carbine or RUC was already a flyweight at just 6 pounds 10 ounces in weight. Then Rainier Arms put the RUC on a weight loss program and managed to shed 10 ounces. The result is RUC Mod2.


I like my AR-15’s to be as light as possible as long as it doesn’t affect performance. While some lightweight ARs game the scale by using lightened competition parts like bolt carriers and buffers, the RUC Mod still has everything you expect in a hard use AR-15 like an M16 carrier and H buffer. It even has a 15″ free float hand guard and still only weighs 6 pounds!

Barrel Specs:

  • 16”(Mid) or 18”(Rifle) M249 Chrome
  • Lined Machine Gun Barrel
  • 1-7 twist 5.56 NATO Spec Chamber
  • Pinned RA Match Low Pro gas block
  • Rainier Arms Compensator (RAC™)

Upper Specs:

  • RA Forged A4 flat top upper
  • 15” RA Force™ Key Mod Rail
  • RA Raptor™ Ambi Charging Handle
  • RA MPI/HP Bolt w/ staked FA carrier

Lower Specs:

  • RA Forged Lower
  • Mil-Spec 6 Pos. extension w/ H Buffer
  • Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock
  • Mission First Tactical Engage Grip

Quality Tuned Mil Spec Trigger

  •  B.A.D. Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  •  Quick Detach End plate

Additional Accessories:

  • 30 Round magazine where legal
  • RA Patriot Hard Case

[crotchety old man] You kids don’t have to work at anything anymore! Back in my day, we had to really plan and work hard to build a 6 pound AR-15! Now, thanks to Rainier Arms, you can have one delivered to your FFL with a few mouse clicks and key strokes. [/crotchety old man]

Check out the new RUC Mod2 at Rainier Arms.


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