2 Vets Arms Selects Sierra Hotel Manufacturing

I thought Texas and Oklahoma didn’t get along. I guess that doesn’t apply to 2 Verts Arms and Sierra Hotel Manufacturing.

2 Vets Sierra Hotel

From Sierra Hotel Manufacturing…

Oklahoma based rifle company 2 Vets Arms and Texas-based Sierra Hotel Manufacturing are proud to announce their new partnership. Although 2 Vets Arms will continue to build all rifles in house, Sierra Hotel Manufacturing will now be supplying contract machined parts.

“We’re partnering with Sierra Hotel because they have a proven track record of unmatched quality control,” advises 2VA’s Dean Brandly. “They’re already making parts for people no one else knows about…top level, extremely high quality parts. That tradition of excellence is why we have chosen them to do al the primary contract machining–even if it means a partnership between Oklahoma and Texas!”

Note that the shift from other companies to Sierra Hotel will not change the actual build process. 2 Vets Arms will still assemble the weapons in house, with Dean himself signing off on each rifle that goes out the door with his signature green marker.

“Dean and I have been talking since I was in Afghanistan,” says Sierra Hotel Manufacturing CEO Jamie Wehmeyer. “Fostering this relationship has turned an initial, mutually beneficial discourse into a genuine friendship. We’re very happy to report this new alliance…even if they are from Texas rival Oklahoma.”

One of the ‘beta-tests’ of the alliance has been the development of the 2 Vets Arms .308 rifle prototype. This rifle, which will soon be available for commercial purchase, has been rigorously tested for several months. Thousands of rounds in a variety of climates and conditions have been pushed through—so far, Dean reports, it has far exceeded all their R&D expectations.

For more information, contact 2 Vets Arms or Sierra Hotel, by e-mail or at the NSSF SHOT Show 2014. jamie@sierrahotelmfg.com, austin@sierrahotelmfg.com, dean@2vetsarms.com


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