Precision Armament AFAB-Mini Flash Hider/Compensator

PRECISION-ARMAMENT-AFAB-MINI-COMPENSATOR-1-380x380The new AFAB-Mini Flash Hider/Compensator for the AR-15/M16/M4 from Precision Armament is reminiscent of the Knight’s Armament Company Triple Tap brake at first glance but with notable differences including flash suppressing tines. Precision Armament states that their matrix of extremely small openings helps diffuse combustion gases “so you can stay on target during rapid fire engagements while effectively suppressing muzzle flash and side concussion”. It has a closed bottom design and is made specifically for .223/5.56 chambered firearms with 1/2-28 threads.

The AFAB-Mini is machined from HTSR 416 stainless steel and given an Ionbond coating. It is pre-drilled to make permanent attachment via a pin and weld easier.

Check out the Precision Armament AFAB-Mini Flash Hider/Compensator.

One Response to Precision Armament AFAB-Mini Flash Hider/Compensator

  1. John December 23, 2013 at 23:25 #

    Looks like a really attractive design. I’m going to have to try one!

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