V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Port Door and Extreme Environment Gas Tube

In the past, I have said on these pages that carbon fiber and titanium both automatically make things cooler. Well, I think you can add another material to that list – inconel.

V7 Weapon Systems just released their Extreme Environment Gas Tube which is made from heat treated inconel. Inconel is an alloy that is notoriously difficult to machine and shape but offers extreme (that word is actually fitting here) resistance to heat and corrosion. I suspect that these gas tubes are extremely difficult to make and I know from talking to V7 Weapon Systems that it took them quite a while to get these to market. Does everyone need an inconel gas tube? No, but if you do a lot of full auto or suppressed shooting, it may be worth looking into.

They also just released their latest weight saving part, the Ultra-Light Port Door. It is machined from hard anodized 7075 T6 aluminum and has a stainless steel ball detent and roll pin.

Check out V7 Weapon Systems.

V7 Port Door

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