Free Shipping for the Holidays at Blue Force Gear

Let me tell you what the people in your life don’t want for Christmas – poinsettias, pathetic attempts at baked goods, some kind of lame decoration that your kid made, and certainly not a picture of your cat in that sweater that you make it wear every year around this time. They want gear like a shiny new Wolf Grey PLATEminus, Vickers Combat Applications Slings, and stockings stuffed full of Sling Sleaves. Think less fruitcake and more MOLLEminus, less potpourri and more Helium Whisper, and less holiday scented candles and more Ten Speed!

Blue Force Gear has all those things and they are offering it all with free shipping until the end of the year. Do your Christmas shopping at and spare your cat the humiliation of another terrible Christmas picture.

Blue Force Gear Free Shipping

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