Compact Survival Cord from Gearward

Every EDC/survival kit should include cordage. If you are looking for something more compact than the typical paracord, Gearward has a solution with their Compact Survival Cord.


Compact Survival Cord is just what it sounds like – a very compact way to carry emergency cordage. It is available in 3 different sizes: Micro, Mini, and Small. All 3 sizes are considerably smaller than a comparable amount of paracord. The Micro and Mini spools come with 25 and 60 feet respectively of 200 lb test Kevlar cord. The Small spool contains 50 feet of Technora line which has a break strength of over 600 lbs!

Gearward leveraged a very clever, compact spool design and the thinner diameter cordage to make the Compact Survival Cord easy to carry and easy to deploy.

Check out the Gearward website to see a ton of great application ideas for the Compact Survival Cord.


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