Hard Target Innovations Kopfjaeger Sling

Hard Target Innovations is developing a new sling, the Kopfjaeger Sling, that is geared toward precision shooting that has some interesting features.

The Kopfjaeger is made from 1.5″ nylon webbing. It has an integrated, adjustable arm cuff that makes it easy to sling up and stabilize the rifle. The loop is adjusted and holds tension via an Austri Alpin Slidebloc buckle.

Kopfjaeger Sling Arm Cuff

The most unique feature might be the removable dope patch that has space for data out to 1000 yards in 50 yard increments. This dope patch is secured via hook and loop material so that it is replaceable. Additional dope patches will be available for purchase.

Kopfjaeger Sling Dope Patch

A portion of the proceeds of each sling will be donated to AmericanSnipers.org.

The Kopfjaeger Sling should be available soon. Check out Hard Target Innovations.

Kopfjaeger Sling


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