Plate Carrier Mounted Baby Carrier

This thread on enquiring about carrying baby on a plate carrier is a troll thread right? It can’t be real… Tell me it isn’t real!

Mayflower R&C APC

Mayflower R&C APC – note the lack of baby carrier. Please don’t mount a baby carrier on your PC.

Note: Okay, I admit that the poster is referring to creating a baby that is modeled after a plate carrier but it more fun to think he wants to mount a baby on the front of his PC.

One Response to Plate Carrier Mounted Baby Carrier

  1. Mike D November 5, 2013 at 12:18 #

    I remember about a year and a half ago that Mayflower designed a baby carrier that was made using Multicam fabric and webbing. It was a pretty slick design and they were about to start taking orders for them until they learned of the legal ramifications of baby carriers. The liability is too high to warrant getting a tactical baby carrier made.

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