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JTT readers should already know that Cool Guy Yard Sale went live just this week. CGYS represents a unique concept that has a lot of potential. Rob Tackett, the man behind CGYS, sent over a press release that will give you an idea of what’s in store and why you will definitely want to nail down a membership…

Press Release:  Cool Guy Yard Sale Launches With a New Idea for the Shooting Community

October 22, 2013

Rob Tackett, owner of TacStrike Systems Inc., has brought a new concept to the community. Cool Guy Yard Sale (CGYS) is focused on becoming a sole source website for information, community relations, and a gear swap shop. CGYS is a membership site for those who want to ease the pains of social media, forums and information flow for news on the shooting industry. In addition, the e-commerce style Yard Sale for the selling of gear, guns and ammunition by the members.

Features of Cool Guy Yard Sale’s member swap shop include:

– An easy to use product listing form that is mobile device friendly for snapping a picture and submitting your items for sale.

– A internal messaging system so that personal information doesn’t have to be disclosed until after the sale is completed.

– Web searchable (i.e. Google) descriptions so that your items can be seen by those that are not members but looking for a specific item which increases the sales potential.

– No commission memberships for individuals, non-FFL vendors and FFL sales. Once you are a member you can list and buy all you want without additional fees.

– No Extortion Style listings.  There is no such thing on CGYS as a “featured listing” or “highlighted text” to get you to spend more money.

– Support Services for anything you need and much more.

Cool Guy Yard Sale is also working with companies from around the industry to bring special discounts to members.  CGYS accepts no money or gifts from these manufacturers.  CGYS works with them for the benefit of our members. With the cost of gear these days it is easy to see that the savings can be huge on a monthly basis for the members.

CGYS is also evaluating adding features like a tabbed Youtube page bringing all of the latest industry posting to one location, a community forum and chat room, and ammo search engines, not to mention any other great ideas our members may have that we haven’t thought of yet.

Memberships for Cool Guy Yard Sale are only $10 per month for an individual, $50 per month for a retail store or non-FFL manufacturer and $100 per month for a business who wishes to sell firearms on CGYS. All membership levels offer unlimited listings, no commission payments and full access to the website. For the cost of a good cigar or a fast food value meal a member can simplify their life, sell off un-used gear to help fund new purchases and receive deep discounts from a growing list of industry leaders for their products.

We are building a new community and we hope to see you there.

Rob Tackett

Owner of TacStrike Systems and CGYS Inc.

Head over to CGYS now to check it out for yourself.

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