SHM 308 VEPR Carbine

The new 308 VEPR Carbine from Snake Hound Machine (SHM) might be one of their most practical offerings to date. At 8.1 pounds and $2200, is reasonably priced, reasonably compact, and reasonably lightweight compared to other semi-auto 7.62×51 weapons.


From SHM:

Announcing the Snake Hound Machine 308 Vepr Carbine.

A semi-auto Kalashnikov rifle firing the .308 round (7.62×51) designed to have significantly reduced recoil, maximum reliability, and maintain 1MOA accuracy at distance. The standard model weighs in at 8lbs 1oz and the upgraded option featuring the currently exclusive Krebs Vepr Keymod handguard weighs 8lb9oz. Designed to compete with other 16″ .308 semi-auto platforms on the market, the SHM 308 Carbine is lightweight, accurate, and high value for a low price. 

These rifles are rebuilt from the original crown-to-buttstock with new springs and pins, everything hand polished and fine tuned to give the best possible recoil mitigation and reliability available in the platform. We have experienced 1MOA on average with factory ammo. Lead times are about 10 weeks.

16.5″ Chrome Lined Hammer Forged 1:12.6 Twist Heavy Barrel
Ares Armor Effin-A compensator
SHM Custom trigger
Polished bolt/action
US Palm AKBG Grip
Krebs Enhanced Safety
Tromix Oversized Bolt Knob
Overpowered Springs and recoil compensation package
Lightweight Tri-rail forearm
Rifle Dynamics AK/AR Stock Adapter
one 5rd factory polymer magazine
one 10rd factory polymer magazine

Check out the SHM 308 VEPR Carbine.

SHM 308 VEPR in Use SHM 308 VEPR with KeyMod

2 Responses to SHM 308 VEPR Carbine

  1. Matt October 4, 2013 at 15:18 #

    I think SHM needs to send JTT one of these for testing. 1 MOA with factory ammo out of a 16.5″ barreled VEPR would be impressive. I don’t know this for sure and I may be wrong but SHM is not fully dismantling the rifles like RD does. So unless this is a converted VEPR Hunter in tactical clothing I’m very skeptical.

  2. Owen October 4, 2013 at 19:49 #

    The ACOG equipped rifle is ours to demo around, the other belongs to a local customer. I’m pretty limited as to where it can go in the amount of time before Shot in January, but I intend to allow someone to indepently review and test it.

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