Gen II Load Lifter Panel from Oneiros Valley

This just made my day. Oneiros Valley has released their Gen II Load Lifter Panel for the Mystery Ranch NICE Frame. I didn’t know such a thing existed but I have known that there was a need for it since I started using a NICE Frame.

Oneiros Valley G2LLP2R

The Gen II Load Lifter Panel (LLP) is panel that attaches to your NICE Frame to extend the length of the stays. My only real complaint with my NICE Frame is that it is too short which means it can be difficult to have enough height on the load lifters to effectively transfer the weight of the pack onto the hips. The LLP solves that problem by attaching to the NICE Frame without tools and providing up to 6 inches of additional frame height.

Oneiros Valley G2LLP4R

The LLP weighs only 7.7 ounces is is available in two colors to match most NICE Frames. This new Gen 2 version is considerably more streamlined than the original. The user has the choice of heavy duty fiber-glass stays or lightweight carbon fiber stays (carbon fiber adds $10 to the total price). They even thoughtfully include an adapter that allows the LLP to work with the Crew Cab backpack.

I am definitely going to pick one of these up. If you own a NICE Frame and more than 6′ tall, you know how much something like this is needed.

Check out the LLP and other NICE Frame mods including the great looking MEAN Pad at Oneiros Valley.

Oneiros Valley G2LLP3R

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