JAVRAN Koozie Wrap

There have been several important inventions in the history of man – the wheel, the printing press, the personal computer, and the koozie. JAVRAN just took the koozie to the next level.

Javran Koozie Wrap with Can

The JAVRAN Koozie Wrap is a simple wrap design that can be adjusted to a wide variety of cups, cans, and bottles. The interior is lined with non-slip material so it grips whatever it is wrapped around. The exterior is covered with loop material so you can affix patches or ID (because no one likes a drink thief). There is a layer of metalized insulation sandwiched in the middle of the non-slip material and loop material to keep your drink cold.

Check out JAVRAN.

Javran Koozie Wrap with Bottle Javran Koozie Wrap

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