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Hanging items like chest rigs, belt rigs, plate carriers, armor carriers, and packs can be a great way to stay organized… if you have the right hangers. You can’t hang a plate carrier with plates on just any hanger. A wire hanger will fold easily under the weight. Typical plastic coat hangers fold, buckle, and crack. Wooden hangers will often fail at the wire hook. So, is Tough Hook the right hanger? Read on.

Tough Hook


Tough Hook is the result of a successful crowd funding campaign to create a better solution for hanging, organizing, and transporting tactical gear. It features durable i-beam construction, a beefy hook, and an integrated carrying handle. Tough Hook claims that their hangers will hold up to 150 pounds but I happen to know that they will also hold the weight of a 215 pound man (though I wouldn’t recommend that as a long term situation).

Tough Hook is designed to work with tactical gear but it also works well with other heavy gear like scuba gear or hiking/camping gear.

Tough Hook Handle

Observations from Use

The absolute best thing about the Tough Hook, in my opinion, is the addition of the handle. I have other hangers that will handle similar amounts of weight but once I take them off the wire racks that I use to organize my gear, they are basically useless. The Tough Hook makes it easy to pull down a piece of gear and then carry it to its destination with the integrated carrying handle.

As I intimated before, the Tough Hook will hold quite a bit of weight. I wouldn’t recommend storing more than the advertised 150 pound guideline on the Tough Hook but I can testify to the fact that they will hold over 200 pounds of me without buckling, breaking, bending etc. They actually hold enough weight that you really need to be more concerned with what you are hanging them on that the hanger itself.

Tough Hook Thickness

The ends of the Tough Hook has large hook structures that keep gear from sliding off. I really like that feature because have other hangers that are durable but don’t have features that prevent things like the thick shoulder straps of a backpack from sliding off the ends.

I also really like how thick the designers made the Tough Hook, especially on the cross members where your gear actually hangs. If these structures are too narrow, they will start to crease and break down the padding in backpack straps and plate carrier shoulder pads. the Tough Hook designers made it wide where it should be and narrower at the handle so it still fits your hand. I can really appreciate that sort of subtle design work.

Tough Hook with PC

Wrap Up

The usefulness of most hangers end at the closet doorway. The usefulness of Tough Hook extends all the way to the range. Tough Hook lets you hang your gear until you need it and then carry it all the way to the range.

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