Mountain Tribe Gear News

The wheels have been turning at Mountain Tribe Gear. They have been working to design a number of items including a new chest rig. The chest rig features a modular, internal magazine pouch design that is purposefully designed to have a low profile. The user can carry as few as 1 AR-15 magazine and as many as 4.

MTG Chest Rig

The front of the chest rig is covered with PALS webbing. This allows the user to have a fixed configuration of pouches on the exterior and change the internal configuration to suit their needs. Additionally, since the entire interior of the rig is Velcro lined, it can be closed on itself securely and used like a regular MOLLE chest rig.

Check out Mountain Tribe Gear’s Facebook Page for the latest.

MTG Chest Rig Side MTG Chest Rig Interior


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