Training Plate Patch from Warrior Trail

Warrior Trail makes a full line of non-ballistic training plates that can be used in place of your ballistic plates during training so you don’t have to subject them to wear and tear. I have written in the past about how I believe training plates can be a great investment for the non-military, non-police shooter since we do not have the backing of a supply chain should we break our plates. However, the use of training plates should be accompanied by vigilance on the part of the user to take care that a plate carrier with non-ballistic plates is never fielded accidentally in a situation that calls for ballistic plates. That is where the Training Only Patch from Warrior Trail comes in.

Warrior Trail Training Plate Patch

Most plates carriers have some plate around the high, front of the plate pocket that has loop material for affixing patches and ID. The Training Only Patch can be affixed there to indicate that the plate or armor carrier currently contain training plates instead of actual ballistic plates. I currently use reflective patches to serve the same purpose but it is somewhat ambiguous to people who don’t know my system. This dedicated Training Only Patch is a better and safer solution.

Check out the Training Only Patch at Warrior Trail.

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