BCS Tactical Load Mount Platform

It is becoming more common for modern plate carriers to support the docking of a chest rig to the front of the carrier. Even if a plate carrier doesn’t support this functionality out of the box, gear makers like Down Range Gear offer solutions that allow you to convert many carriers to accept a docked chest rig. The new Tactical Load Mount Platform (TLMP) from Beez Combat Systems (BCS) capitalizes on this functionality by offering users a completely mountable platform that can be adapted to just about any plate carrier.


The TLMP is available in 4 versions:

  • 3 rows by 8 columns MOLLE Compatible
  • 3 rows by 10 columns MOLLE Compatible
  • 3 rows by 8 columns MOLLE Compatible with 3 integral magazine pouches
  • 3 rows by 10 columns MOLLE Compatible with 4 integral magazine pouches

It features all of the attachment points that you need to dock it to your carrier. You just have to provide the hardware. The top connection points are provided by 2 webbing straps to which you can affix your side release buckles and adjust the ride height. The sides of the TLMP has webbing loops at 3 different heights for use with repair buckles as your side attachment points. The rear of the TLMP has a large hook material field to be used to stabilize the panel on plate carriers that support this feature. If your PC doesn’t support this feature, you can keep it covered with the included cover. This can also be a handy place to keep a knife if you add some adhesive Velcro to the Kydex sheath.

Like all BCS gear, the TLMP is available in a wide array of colors and camo patterns. Check out the BCS TLMP.


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