BFG Badge Holder

The Blue Force Gear Badge Holder manages to pack a ton of slick features into a traditional looking badge holder. These badge holders are hewn from BFG’s proprietary ULRAcomp Laminate – the same lightweight, bomb proof stuff that they use to craft their Helium Whisper and MOLLEminus gear. Then they add some Ten-Speed pockets on the back for stowing all sort of important stuff like tactical pens, mustache comb, your man card, and maybe some beef jerky (no vegetables allowed).


The top flap of the Badge Holder is covered with loop material (because hook material would no doubt get caught in your beard) so you can affix your patches, name tapes, blood types, and zodiac signs. No Badge Holder would be complete without a clear window that makes it easy to display your ID without removing it from the holder or to serve as an improvised occlusive dressing… just in case.

Seriously though, this is a really nice badge holder. Check it out at Blue Force Gear.


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