Most Chiappa products don’t really interest me but I am a sucker for survival rifles like the Chiappa LITTLE BADGER. The LITTLE BADGER reminds me of the now discontinued and heavily collectable M6 survival rifles that Springfield Armory used to import except the LITTLE BADGER is even more spartan in its design.


The LITTLE BADGER comes with a halfway decent set of adjustable iron sights. In addition to the sights, you can mount optics to the “handguard” which is little more than 4 rails at the breech end of the barrel. It has a very minimalist wire stock and the entire rifle folds down to a roughly 16.5″ long package. The barrel is threaded for suppressor use. It is fairly light but still heavier than I would expect at 3.5 pounds according to the Chiappa website.

Minimalist .22LR rifles that are geared toward the survival market draw me like a moth to flame. The LITTLE BADGER, with it’s sub-$170 retail price, is affordable enough that it might not hurt too badly if I do get sucked in.

Check out Chiappa Firearms and the LITTLE BADGER.


2 Responses to Chiappa LITTLE BADGER

  1. Will July 29, 2013 at 20:21 #

    I don’t know, if Chiappa had a nice 10 round mag, it would be interesting but there are better options.

  2. Skeeter July 29, 2013 at 21:40 #

    Very neat! This reminds me that I absolutely need to get my grandpa’s old Savage back in good working order.

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