Emerson/Pro-Tech CQC7

Pro-Tech Knives manufactures excellent automatic knives at relatively affordable prices and the Emerson Knives CQC7 is an absolute classic. What would happen if they were to join forces? The result would be an amazing knife. Apparently, I have been living under a rock because the Emerson/Pro-Tech CQC7 has been around since 2010!


The Emerson/Pro-Tech CQC7 is basically dimensionally identical to the Emerson Knives CQC7. It features Pro-Tech’s reliable automatic mechanism nested in a milled 6061-T6 aluminum handle. The iconic CQC7 tanto shaped blade and the spearpoint CQC7A blade shapes are available. These knives are available in a variety of handle types that range from mild to exotic.

The Emerson/Pro-Tech CQC7 is available at BladeHQ. I am going to have to pick one of these up for review!



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